June 13-15, 2019

Ramada Parc Hotel, Ramada Plaza Hotel
Bucharest, Romania

The 3rd National Congress

With International Participation

2 days of intensive workshops and state of the art lectures for physicians and nurses

About Us

2019 Congress of Podiatry is the 3rd international, interdisciplinary diabetic foot congress organized in Romania by the Association of Podiatry. The congress has the intention to put together physicians from different fields of medicine, from different specialties, all of them involved in foot care, especially in diabetic foot care, for developing the multidisciplinary team so necessary for foot care. The congress has also the intention to put together physicians and nurses for developing the real team in the benefit of the patients.

The main course of the congress is designed for the wide spectrum of generalists and specialists who diagnose and manage the diabetic foot. Didactic talks, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, specialty symposia and workshops will delve into diagnostic and interventional strategies for diabetic foot ulcers and amputation prevention. Featuring a world-renowned international faculty, 2019 Congress of Podiatry offers the opportunity to review state-of-the-art concepts and techniques.


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Continuing Medical Education

Andrew Boulton

Andrew Boulton

The debates and the lectures of the Congress of Podiatry are in the interest of the physicians from the specialties of diabetes, surgery, vascular surgery, dermatology, ortopedy, neurology, reumatology. Parallel session will be organized for nurses and phisiokinetotherapists. All the topics aim the increase of the awareness of podiatry, of foot care in health care professionals and nevertheless in the general population. Diabetic foot field is a full day topic due to the continously increase of number of people with diabetes and also due to the high rate of amputation in same population.

  1. Increase the awareness of podiatry and foot care in health care professionals and general population
  2. Identify updated information to provide patient care in diabetic foot care.
  3. Explain new techniques in collaborating and communicating when working with teams to ensure best practices in patient care, education and research in foot care.
  4. Apply quality improvement in areas in foot care.
  5. Utilize updated information as outlined in program as related to foot care and diseases.
  6. Outline on new techniques and studies along with innovative approaches related to patient care, medical knowledge, practice-based learning and improvement, and system based practices.


"Podiatrists understand how the foot works, they are the foot scientists par excellence. It is with great enthusiasm that the International Federation of Podiatrists supports the Romanian Association for podiatry in their efforts of recognizing podiatry as a health care profession and this for the benefit of patients with foot and ankle ailments."

Caroline Teugels, Executive Director FIP-IFP

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June 13-15, 2019
Ramada Parc Hotel, Ramada Plaza Hotel
Bucuresti, Romania

Asociatia de Podiatrie,
Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
Phone:+40 743 999 333
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